“I signed up to Ela's 'Fit Well and Fab' program at the start of the year and it was one of the best decisions I've made for myself. Ela is such an upbeat, fun and empowering person. She made every training session challenging but fun and I actually began to look forward to them. I lost 6cm! Her coaching program has been a great tool to help me with changing my mindset and subsequently a lot of bad habits. Ela was so supportive in my journey and helped me to create affirmations that have been great to my overall happiness and wellbeing. I highly recommend giving her program a go.”

Susan An

“Before I started training with Ela, I was sceptical, having had an average experience with a personal trainer previously. I was unfit and unhappy with my lifestyle after a long break from exercise. But after only one session, I knew it was going to be different. Ela was so great at training both my mind and my body. Anytime I get down on myself about my abilities, she’ll push me to think differently. Anytime I get confident with an exercise, she’ll find a way to push me harder. I used to hate exercise and think it only showed the things I can’t do well. Now I love seeing how far I’ve come.

I feel so different. I have a lot more energy, I concentrate better and I haven’t been sick in ages! I used to hate exercise - now I look forward to how it’s going to make me feel and it helps me to wind down after a long, hard day of work. I never thought I’d ever say that!”

Susan An

“I can't praise and thank Ela enough for the amazing role that she played in getting my life running smoothly again.

Before our sessions, I can easily say my life was stuck in a rut and I had no motivation or a clear way to get out, however Ela's amazing professionalism, communication skills and empathy enabled me to work out what goals I needed to achieve and how to achieve them.

The confidence and energy she provides in me is invaluable and has led to an immense turnaround on my everyday life. My husband has definitely noticed the change and he is loving it also!

I highly recommend Ela as a wellness coach if you need a change to better your life and ultimately the loved ones around you”

Taylor Serawan

“I have been a client of Ela’s since beginning of 2016.  I have found her to be amazingly professional, patient and knowledgeable.   Ela has a way of turning tough situations into fun challenges with her sense of humour and her ability to positively motivate.

Ela listens to your needs and creates tailored programs that really work.  I really enjoy her wellness approach and confidently recommend Ela to all my friends and family”.

Trish Coleman

Ela, You have actually helped me change my life in last 6 months and I can’t thank you enough for it! You are beyond words amazing. Cannot wait to see you when I get back from holidays

Rachel Fisher

“When I signed up for the 8 week Fit, Well + Fab Challenge I was negative , stressed, tired, eating badly and needed help. Doing HIT training was a huge challenge for me and losing 7 cm an absolute joy. I attribute my success to Ela's passionate support and energetic encouragement to push thru and focus on my goals. The coaching and accountability has refreshed the meaning of gratitude and me time. Thank you Ela”

Sharon Storbeck

“I have been training with Ela for four months now and I’ve really enjoyed every session. She’s got a bubbly personality and knows how to push me out of my comfort zone. I’ve lost 6cm around my waistline and my strength and resistance is better!”

Lorelie Abad

“Ela is a fantastic coach and trainer. I've been training with her for about 2 years and I actually look forward to getting out of bed early for my 6am sessions. I have knee issues which prevent me from participating in high impact exercise and Ela tailors my sessions around this without compromising on the outcomes for my fitness and strength.”

Carol Hopper

“Before I met Ela I struggled with my body image and confidence.

I was sceptical that I could retain and commit to an achievable fitness regime or that I could be fit and look good at 47.

Then I saw my body & attitude undergo a really positive change. I gained natural positive energy, confidence in myself in any situation and understanding how it all works!”

Sara Longworth.

I found the time with Ela as my personal trainer and wellness coach both fulfilling and rewarding. The challenges I faced before seeing her were primarily building muscle, maintaining fitness and toning the body. I approached this coaching with Ela with no expectations, nor did I have any scepticism. I was, therefore, extremely pleased with the outcomes of the sessions. With Ela I met, and was successful in, each of the challenges I had faced. My day to day health also improved; I felt less stress at work and was very happy with a greater sense of positivity and calm in my life. I particularly enjoyed the sessions Ela and I spent together; we had good chats and much laughter. Ela is professional, but also friendly, encouraging and supportive and I think she is a fantastic personal trainer and wellness coach

Elizabeth Williamson

 “Working with Ela was great! Her support, enthusiasm and varied coaching techniques have helped me achieve my weight loss and other goals for 2016. I am looking forward to working with Ela in 2017!”

Gemma O’Connor